Dream transforms into thoughts

and thoughts result into action.

These were inspirational words from Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. For a enthusiastic person like me who is facinated towards Aeronautical. These words were good enough to encourage me to pursue excellence in the field of my interest.

Over the entire duration of my graduate and undergraduate studies, I have been an active person in organising conferences held in our department and University. In the first two years of my college, I was given the responsibility of briefing the visitors and giving them information about various satellites, space vehicles and aircraft models which have been displayed for the general public in the departments's space exhibition. 

My professors view of my academic profile and commitment nature towards research work earned me a position in many research projects under them. Some of the notable that I have worked at college level include Co-Flow jet concepts, design of Zinc nano particles using FRP composites,coatings to reduce vibrations on aircraft. I had also worked on Car ventilation system in Indian Institute of Science and on high current welding in Visakhapatnam steel plant at industry level

For my Masters's thesis project, I got an opportunity to work on the concept of Viscosity contrast technique to reduce the aerodynamic drag in École d'Ingénieurs des Sciences Aérospatiales. Working on this project helped me to understand the challenges of real industries and enhanced my approach towards research.

Besides this I was also an NCC Airwing student during my undergraduate program, where I got an opportunity to fly the aircraft.

I feel that my dedication, determination, abilities, adaptability, innovativity, emotional maturity, theoritical knowledge coupled with practical knowledge makes me a good candidate for research program in Aerospace engineering. My interests include experimental and computational methods of Aerodynamics, Aircraft structures, acoustics designs.I would like to work on developing existing designs and developing new ones to reduce the environmental and cost impacts on the aviation industry.

The site gives an introduction of my various academic and curricular achivements. For further details please feel free to contact me at sailikitha04@gmail.com